Everything's True, pt. 1

by Jessica in The Rainbow



released December 20, 2016

This is a piano/vocal version of the upcoming orchestrated release. Thanks for supporting music-in-progress! (*updated with cello parts - Feb 2018)

(c) 2016 Jessica in The Rainbow. Recorded in Corcoran, Minnesota and Grand Haven, Michigan. Songs written in April & June 2014. Music & words by Jessica Fogle.

Album art by Cat Jackson. xoxo

*Updated Feb 2018 - cello by Hunter Zhao & cello arrangements by Elisabeth Blair*


all rights reserved


Track Name: True Things are True
Every joy sits on a spectrum
Every pain connects at the bottom
In the middle’s the point.

Sitting in the middle
Looking at each joy and pain
Sitting in the middle
Not floating far away
Not looking to feel safe
Not hiding in the center but
Experiencing pain born out of the joy you long for
It’s true, this joy we long for and
Desire is in our being and
Joy can’t exist alone
Accepting the full dimension
Accepting the truth of being
Not holding onto suffering
Not holding onto bliss
Picturing life
Picturing life like grains of sand
Through our hands
Through our toes
Up our nose
Floating floating
We can choose
We can pick it up again if we can stand it
If we don’t mind losing it again.

Feeling this pulse in me
Feeling this energy
I am alive and free from the lies that were taught to me.

There is no destination
There is no safe escape
Right in this moment I feel safe, and then unsafe
In my mind I am safe, and then unsafe
In my mind where I harbor lies that I tell myself to feel okay
and you feel things deeply, I feel the same way
We feel ourselves growing deeper, deeper, deeper in the light.

And I will not judge the light that flows through me
I will not judge the words that come from my mouth
I will not judge each chord I witness in my mind the second before it comes out
And I will not judge myself at all.
I will not judge myself at all.

I will not take this experience and make it cheap for you.
I will not hide myself – my heart doesn’t want me to.

The world is full of people who
may need to hear what’s on my mind
Just like I’m inspired by people who
are not afraid to share their minds.
The world is full of broken people
The world is full of people who
are trying to find their dream come true
We think we’re owed a dream come true.

But the only dream
The only dream we’ll find
Is the one that says that time is on our side.
Every moment that we breathe or speak
We choose to be
We choose to breathe
And I choose this life
And I choose to breathe
And I choose to be here
with the war that’s inside of me.
Fighting the past that hurt me
Fighting the lies that shaped me
Knowing my breath can help
Knowing my voice has meaning
for others who want to be
for others who want to be here
for people who need to be here
for people who can’t help but feel fear
like me
like you
like me.
Track Name: Traveling Walls
You want there to be a goal
you child of wisdom
You want there to a path
to a place in the sky
You’re hoping there’s a way
to avoid all danger
Like a light on for houseboats passing by

You saw her as a place you could turn and run to
You saw him as a god not as a man
You saw them with their wisdom and their want to save you
You saw them on high when they were just holding your hand


But what do I know about quests and castles
What do I know about snakes in the closet
What do I know about spells and wishes
What do I know about people who’ll hurt you
What do I know about paths unfolding
What do I know about anything good?
What do I know about your winding journey?
About could and would and should?


But if the moments before are tunnels of truth
Are the moments before like God in his youth?
With no need to explore – they led me to here
Why waste another year in tracing footsteps?

There’s plenty of doors and plenty of truths and
There’s plenty of places to learn from youth
There’s plenty of water and there’s plenty of air and
There are plenty of ways to get from here to there

And ‘there’ is a word you don’t miss at all
Being here in your castle with its beautiful walls
And ‘there’ is a place you don’t need to go
Put your castle on crutches, watch it hobbling slowly


With every new step there’s a weight that’s lonely
It’s heavy like ice in the core of your being
But you’ve held on too long to the people so willing
to be like your armor when you have your own shield
and you don’t need their shields and you don’t need their gods
‘cause they won’t be there at the end of the journey.

We all go home to our own vacant books
We all go home to ourselves in the mirror
And eyes are like stars point to what’s true
So I am wanting to spend time with you


And everything’s fine
and everything’s fine
and I’m gonna love you without letting you save me
And everything’s fine
and everything’s good
and I’m gonna love you without losing my journey
And everything’s fine
and everything’s true
and time pulls my purpose right out of my being
and codes are exposed and DNA’s real
and we can’t deny the ways that we feel when we feel like a compass that’s
set on the truth
And fear is a part
but it’s snakes in the corner


If you only knew what’s inside of you
The things I imagine would hurt your memory
If you only knew what you already grew
If you knew where you’re going, could you see it too?

I see it like ice on a frozen pond
It’s rippling still & reflecting the sunlight
the light is its purpose, it knows it has won
As it starts melting, all the puddles are rising
And it sees with clarity the clearest of suns
and it sees without fear that the dawn is coming
it knows it can help – it knows it’s the one
but it makes no excuses for the ways it was frozen


So I don’t want to own you
I want to be friends
I want to travel alongside your body
I understand where you begin and I end
But that doesn’t mean I won’t love your company


So here I am, morning
With this hand in tow
Deep in my heart, staring out the window
Trees without leaves and branches exposed
More beautiful than we can imagine.

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