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Dreambird in Rainbowland (​*​4 kids​*​)

by Jessica in The Rainbow

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James Champion
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James Champion i feel like i just bought a glittering portal back to the most joyful parts of my childhood Favorite track: "The World Can Be Your Friend" (Our Closing Theme Song :).


Hello! My name is Dreambird.  I am not a bird, but I'm not NOT a bird... I have so much to tell you, this album is a collection of things - things that helped me learn to be Myself.  Which is a tricky thing, and not just one thing to be.  It is always Be-Coming.  I hope to share some things about Myself with you, and also about all the wonderful animals and people and vegetables with feet and minerals and things-that-didn't-know-what-they-are-yet-and-that's-okay that I've happened to meet along the way...mostly in Rainbowland, but sometimes other places too.  Also, I have so many stories to tell, but most of them will have to wait for another rainy day. Or maybe a Sunny One!  Can't wait to see you then, in the meantime please enjoy these tunes and stories :) xoxo Dreambird

p.s. Sorry to make you wait, for ALL the stories, but the Real World is very loud and busy and likes for me to worry about Money, so I need to have a Job and also I have Other Dreams too, besides telling you about my Adventures here. The World can be Very Confusing, but mostly just if you're in a Hurry (where are you going to? why not grow at your own speed, the way you were Meant To!).  But anyway, I will come back another time, to share with you, as soon as I can...most likely over at dreambird.bandcamp.com :)  I hope you'll wait for me <3 Bye!


released June 6, 2022

*update - 6/6/2022 - this is the newly updated version, with tiny edits and some kids I LOVE who sang along with me, thanks to brother Steve and his recording studio* (original release was 5/7/2021)

Rainbowland is written by Dreambird (formerly and frequently also known as Jessica in The Rainbow, when she's telling stories For Adults, or Adult-like Kids), but it was also Written & Created By all the people whose lives inspired the stories...especially Brooklyn, who helped write stories at bedtime, one week in Colorado. Brooklyn, I love you so much, your heart is my own, being with you always reignites my Imagination, like dancing with Actual Stars.  

Some more shout-outs, because they deserve All the Credit (or most of it, anyway, for being such Beings of Love)

To Stephanie who is a Hard Work Doer, and is also the Very Best of Friends, in such a Kind and Daily Way, and is also So Very Good at Thinking.  

And Bryan who is very Patient and Kind and Allows me To Be.  And also is a Hard Work Doer too, and Best Hugger, and The Very Greatest of Friends too.  

And my Mom and Dad who are not necessarily Birds but that's okay, well they are but they also aren't, it's very Confusing. Sometimes I'm not sure how they had a Dreambird like me, but Other Times I'm most certain we are Exactly the Same. Also they are Very Cute and Hard Work Doers too, and they both did Countless Hours of Hard Work with Great Love to help me be Dreambird.  

And Sullivan who taught me that kids can be Wise Beyond Their Years, and Very Funny too.  

And Sawyer who taught me about Unlimited Potential, and the Power of Choice and Trying Things (how else will you find out and/or decide Who You Are?).  

And Alice who taught me that you can be a Shining Star who is also Quiet sometimes and that that is Brilliant too, and maybe even More So (even if people don't Clap as Loudly when you're quiet, it is a Special Gift that makes people Feel Things).  

And J.T. who taught me the Power of Friendship and Kindness and Valuing Others Deeply, and how that makes you Permanently Useful in a World Full of Others.  

And Nicholas who taught me the Wisdom of Gut Instincts and Being Yourself in a World That Isn't Designed for Someone Like You (and how it Won't Be Easy, but it's Important to Be Yourself!).  

And Stevie who taught me that Strong and Kind and Loving and Deeply Empathetic People (which requires Intelligence and Quick Observation of Situations) are Needed in this World, or the Whole Thing Falls Apart.

And Steve, who helped me remember that I am Fun sometimes, and not only Quiet and Full of Lullabies.  And who also taught me about the 'Real World,' which helped me understand that Flying your Own Way is Cool.

And Rachel and Jamison who both taught me that Choices can be Held with Fierce Love and Loyalty and Commitment, no matter How Hard they may be to Follow Through On sometimes.  

And to my New Family, especially Amanda and Josiah, who taught me that Dreams can be Born out of Time, gently and slowly and with Great Great Love.  And that we can find ourselves Anew anywhere, and create Family out of Tiny Seeds of Moments that grow eventually into Big Trees, and most of all, that we can Trust the World and its People to Love us in ALL different ways (and that Differences can be a Very Good Thing).

And to Myself, and the Universe and the Stars and the Planet and to God, the Great Creator of it All, who taught me (in relationship to Myself and Every One Else) that Being Like Clay and Following Inspiration and Guidance can be a Fun and Useful Way to Live, both for Self and Others.


We are all so different, and all so needed, in this world.  Love to you all, and many many more of you (everyone I've Ever Met or Ever Will Meet, I'm sure I would and DO love you in Your Own Way!), Forever and Ever.  See you in Rainbowland!

xo Dreambird

(also known as Jessica in The Rainbow, or really, Jessica Fogle, but that's a little less fun or interesting, or maybe it's the most interesting thing of all! <3 <3 <3 )

p.s. the rest of this site is music for adults, and kids who like feelings, you are welcome to listen to any of it, in the meantime...but also, I'll be back again someday for you, as Dreambird, too. xo <3


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Jessica in The Rainbow Michigan

~lofi dream folk~
~neoclassical lullaby pop~
~care bear stare~


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