365 Days vol​.​7, or 'Misfits, in love with the World'

by Jessica in The Rainbow

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littlebitslims love the album 365 days....vol 7 it's an awesome album purchased it back in feb 2018 and have listened to it a few times... the songs speak to me and gives you that are these written about me feeling for sure...lol.. just happened to randomly stumble across the album and loved the name Jessica in the rainbow... what you are doing is commendable to write that many songs and record them aswell, awesome... very inspiring, to see another song writer write so much,and not burn out from lyrical overload... keep it up cant wait to get more soon....take care

steven schlimgen
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Bralph Whimsical lo-fi gems from a year of dedication to creating (and sharing) every single day. Absolutely mind-blown and intimidated by the amount of effort and dedication Jessica has for putting her skills to use and inspired by her bravery in sharing these moments in time. Favorite track: Garden.


This is the first of twelve albums that I'll be releasing over the next twelve months. It's the beginning of a second year-long challenge, as I've identified some massive ways that the world feels overwhelming to me, which has resulted in a whimsical private collection of thousands of songs, compared to very few releases (despite playing shows for a decade). Last year's challenge was to write a song everyday and share it on YouTube. This year's challenge, starting today (4/1/2018), will include polishing up some of my favorites from last year, adding some other fun sounds, learning to love studio work again despite some sad or difficult experiences with releasing in the past, and allowing myself to meander in whatever ways I want to - so long as I release SOMETHING every month. An EP or an album. My finances are incredibly limited, so I won't be hiring help...just me with my DIY approach to mixing and choosing sounds, and trying to just have fun with it (as fun as dreamy sad music can be). This first album is a collection of songs that feel close to my heart, as I've been feeling like a misfit for some time now...well, maybe since childhood. I used to muscle through it and try to belong, but I've been giving up on that, and it may seem heroic at times - watching someone become more themselves - but if yourself is very strange, it's always equally sad I think. At least for me. Or just alien or alienating. So this album is dedicated to everyone I know or don't know who feels like a misfit, who can't seem to muster the energy to try to belong, who talks to the clouds or trees or themselves, or just feels generally off about being alive on this planet. I love you, I see you, I understand. xo Jessica


released April 17, 2018

All songs written (improvised) in 2017-18 as part of the 365 Day Songwriting Challenge, by Jessica Fogle (a.k.a. in The Rainbow). Extra MIDI sounds and instruments added to original recordings this past month*.

Album artwork by Ryan Wyrick. <3 <3 <3
Instagram @tendermadegoods

Listen to the originals here:
1-Following... youtu.be/QwFqokoq390
2-Blue Moon Eyes youtu.be/E7QEEaXC24Y
3-Made For youtu.be/HqV_QyRr2G8
4-Explorers youtu.be/BfHJJCxP6WQ
5-Temporary (aka Green-Blue) youtu.be/wcBhRqjKwM0
6-Garden youtu.be/YlHBCc_J18Y
7-The Same Mistakes youtu.be/o-Lh09SaJaM

(c) 2018 Jessica in The Rainbow / Jessica Fogle

*Sorry about the tiny street sounds and car noises, I tried my best to make them quieter, but a couple were stubborn and insistent on being there. I decided to make them my friends, they make me giggle (laughs were left in on purpose tho lol). Bye!


all rights reserved



Jessica in The Rainbow Grand Haven, Michigan

Dream folk - soft pop - big feelings - neoclassical piano - ukulele - existential casio - lullaby vibes - float factory - prolific lo-fi lover.

Follow links (below) for daily creative meanderings + other projects, xo <3 <3 <3 jess
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Track Name: Following...
What can I tell you
that you don't know
way down deep in your soul
in your fingers
and your toes
in your skin and bones?

What can I make
to make you see
All of you is all of me
and we are never
really free
at all...

At all.

I want you to understand
what you think is mine
I am not commanding
I am listening more than
you could stand
to know about.

Do you want to know the way
well I suspect you already know the way
and I'm just getting in the way
of this knowing...

Don't mistake what I'm doing
for some kind of growing
Except if you're noticing
all this knowing is
just tuning in.

I can't teach you anything you don't already know
and you can't teach me what I don't know either
We're just
Track Name: Blue Moon Eyes
When the moon is blue like your eyes sometimes
Are bluer than the night sky
And you want to fly away...

When the colors around you are getting stale
and you're pale and lost in a moment
Do you wonder if you will be found
in the cold ground
and lost to even the birds?

(I guess it's not a waste of anything...but dirt)

Do you know if you'll be ready to leave?
Do you wonder if you'll need to breathe again?
Do you want to hold my hand?
Track Name: Made For
Light and fiction
Light needs fiction
Like God needs lies

Light and blindness
Light needs blindness
Like eyes need the same thing

And I don't want to be so blind
to what is working in my life
I don't want to be so unwise
to deny that this works in my life
I don't want you to misunderstand
the things I need
or confuse them with
not needing you
with not needing this

All this light in the world can't fill me up
if I'm afraid to be full
All the light in the world can't fill me up
if I'm afraid of what I was made for
All this light in the sky can't light my eyes on fire
if I'm afraid of what I was made for
All the light in my veins can't take the place of all this blood
if I'm afraid of what I was made for
Track Name: Explorers
In this timeframe
that I framed
for you
In this interplanetary
web of dreams
coming true
And like a timeline
going nowhere
going somewhere
that feels new
You are here
inside me
like an ocean
like a bridge
to anything but here

It's clear
We're not
Going anywhere
It's clear
It's clear that
We're not
Made to be
It's clear that
All of us are
Wanting to be found
Like feet on the ground
Like a home should be

Here with you
in my heart
in my mind
With you
in my thoughts
and my time
I'm not afraid like
I used to be afraid
Most the time.
Track Name: Temporary (aka Green-Blue)
Seeing all this green like light and
Seeing all this light like green in your eyes
Seeing all this love like things that grow on trees

Seeing all this blue like the sky
Seeing all this sky like blue in my eyes
And I want to hold this forever

But birds can fly away
And they sing like some kind of
Great mistake in the sky
When all this was made to be
So temporary

Seeing all this light like
Some kind of unending night that glows with all we know
Seeing all this love like
Some kind of great ocean overflowing with everything we wanted

All these clouds in the sky
They are passing by
They pass us by and
They remind you and I that
Everything is so temporary.
Track Name: Garden
In this garden
time and space are
at the moment
of arrival

time knows we're ready
for this place
to have been a lie.
Track Name: The Same Mistakes
We take it in
and go in ways
we don't understand at all

We get it wrong
We go too slow for too long

And we don't see the ways
we are really all the same here
It's clear we're all making the same mistakes

It's clear to me anyway
even if it's not to you

I would like to fly away most of the time
cause I can't understand the point or purpose
of each rhyme
And maybe it's not mine to understand
or decide

why we're here at all...

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