Friend Ship vol. 47 (a​.​k​.​a. 365 Days vol. 6)

by Jessica in The Rainbow



This is the 12th album of the 12 albums in 12 months challenge (if you count the ruff draftt in month 2...if not, this is album 11, #12 coming soon...12 days to go! j/k only 10)

Thank you from the center of my heart to all my collaborators...those who've played with me, worked with me, bounced ideas with me, on and on. I have felt like an island most my life due to trauma and feeling shut out (often a misinterpretation of other people's anxiety and/or busyness, but sometimes probably because I take up a lot of space in the air) but honestly, all my deepest joys have been moments of communion and connection with others. Even tho a very loud part of me just wants to be alone with the songs in my head, talking with the sky and listening to birds.

Most of all, thank you thank you thank you Bryan for your tireless kindhearted work mixing this album. I know my obsession with raw files and lofi source recordings makes this work far more challenging than the final 'reward' really merits, but please know the reward is this process with you. It's infinitely meaningful to me to have a partner who complements me with different strengths. Here's to more fun stuff together <3

Dedicated to all the friends, in the sky, in our minds. xo

p.s. I'm aware, fully, that many people don't write liner notes, for fear I imagine of seeming pretentious?...of having people say, 'what's with the awards ceremony speech, it's not that good,' etc. And I say poo poo on that (yes I'm feeling bold rn, it's a thing that happens from time to time). I have people I love and gratitude in my heart and words to express and if it's deeply uncool to do so, then coolness is deeply overrated. Be you. Words and weirdness and whatever ways you don't fit the mold you wish you belonged in. Molds are for fungus or spores or there's a joke in there but it's 2:22am and I am tired. Night, xoxo


released March 31, 2019

by Jessica Fogle and Friends

Mixed + produced by Bryan Ralph <3 <3 <3

1 The Sky! The Heart! (in the mind) - feat. Bird Chorus
2 Surprised (by you) - feat. Fiona Dickinson (1/2 piano/vocals)
3 Wonder (Beauty) - feat. Tom Hymn (guitar)
4 Belong (Everything is a Song) - feat. Seth Bernard (guitar)
5 Wolf Bird (a.k.a. Same Things) - feat. Bryan Ralph (guitar/drums)

Album Art by Ryan Wyrick <3 <3 <3
Hand lettering by Jessica Fogle

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Also if you'd like to hear these songs being written / improvised (or in the case of track 4, about an hour after being written...) here's some more links:

The Sky The Heart in the mind -
Surprised (by you) -
Wonder (Beauty) -
Belong (Everything is a Song) -
Wolf Bird (a.k.a. Same Things) -


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Track Name: The Sky! The Heart! (in the mind) - feat. Bird chorus
tweet tweet tweet
tweet tweet

Track Name: Surprised (by you) - feat. Fiona Dickinson
I want to go to the places where you've been before

See through your eyes all the places you've been before

I don't know if I can be as wise as you

I don't know if I will be surprised by you
Track Name: Wonder (Beauty) - feat. Tom Hymn
Wonder in this world
I know there is
I know there is wonder
in this world
I know there is
Beauty in your face
and in your skin
and in your hair
and in your eyes
and in your voice
and in the way you
do not care about
anything I thought I needed and
all the ways I thought I'd be afraid
I am now just learning to be
stronger than I've ever been before.
Track Name: Belong (i.e. Everything is a Song) - feat. Seth Bernard
There is only this moment here right now
There is only this time and this place
and I've found out I'm not in a race at all
are you?

There is only one time one space
You gotta figure out where you belong
when everything is a song
and I am not scared like before

cause all the ways I felt outside
are like lies that rooted in my mind
and you never kept me out at all

There is only one light
and it's burning brightly
like a flame or a planet
we want to know

and all the ways I'm not what I wanted to be
are lies I keep telling myself
when I'm perfectly fine where I am
and I'm going to sit still
until all this light in my veins
fills up the whole world

and know that that includes you
just know that includes you
Track Name: Wolf Bird (a.k.a. Same Things) - feat. Bryan Ralph
If I had to choose
I'd choose you
every time

There's no reason
or rhyme

But you make time
feel like

And people can say what they want
of the same things
And people can make all the same
They call them choices
where you
change your mind
a thousand times

but I can't understand this

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